Dallas County District Attorney’s AIM program allows second chance for inmates

By FOX4News.com Staff

The Dallas County District Attorney’s AIM program provides a second chance for young inmates.

The AIM program, which stands for “Achieve Inspire Motivate”, gives young offenders the chance to complete certain classes. It targets young people who are in prison for non-violent offenses. After graduating from AIM, the participant’s case will be dismissed and immediately expunged. Read More

Justice Served Via Second Chances


Monday in Dallas County, justice was served in the form of second chances.

A diversion court program called AIM, which stands for Achieve Inspire Motivate, graduated its first five participants.

James Reddic was among them.

“I’m just glad to be free,” said Reddic, now 20. He was 17 when he made what he freely calls a stupid mistake. For three years the felony indictment has been both a burden and a roadblock. “I was struggling to get a job, couldn’t even get a basic job,” explained Reddic. Read More

New Dallas County program helps young felons get a new start


DALLAS (AP) – Johnathan Monroe has a dream.The Dallas Morning News (http://bit.ly/21cj3F0 ) reports it starts with getting his associate degree in business administration from El Centro Community College. A bachelor’s degree in marketing from a local university follows. And then one day, after years of paying dues and saving his money, he envisions opening his own advertising firm.“Working for other people is fine,” said Monroe, 18. “But I want to be my own boss. When it’s your business, you’re getting out everything you put into it. Read More

Dallas program gives another chance to young offenders

By FOX4News.com Staff

A Dallas County judge is presiding over a special kind or court that gives ‘second chances’ and may be the only one of its kind in the country.

The goal is to inspire and motivate positive change in the largest portion of young people that are clogging up the courts — 18- to 24-year-olds.

The program takes place after indictment and before conviction. The chosen few who are successful will have their felony records expunged. Read More