Criminal District Courts Response to COVID-19

To Counsel With Clients Assigned to the 292nd:

Please see the attached Temporary Court Procedures Order effective immediately for all Criminal District Courts and District Courts giving preference to criminal cases in Dallas County, including mine.

I will add 3 temporary orders that only apply to cases assigned to my court after the jump:

  1. Stay Home: Please do not take risks with your health, the health of your client, court personnel, or the public. Even if you are scheduled for a jail disposition setting, if you cannot attend court for any reason, please send an email to my coordinator at to reschedule the case.
  2. Teleconferencing In Lieu of Personal Appearance: If the State and Defense need to speak with me about a matter related to any type of case – jail or bond – please e-mail me at to set up a time to talk.
  3. Payment for Services Rendered to Court Appointed Lawyers and Investigators: Until further notice, I will consider submissions for partial payments for work completed on cases impacted by the attached order. Please note on the payment request that it is a partial payment for cases impacted by the Temporary Court Procedures Order signed 3/16/20.

Please e-mail me any questions or requests you may have about these orders.

Click here for information about COVID-19 from the Dallas County Health and Human Services Homepage.

Stay safe. We are all in this together – let me know what I can do to help.