Congratulations!…What’s the Court of Criminal Appeals?

The most common response I get on the campaign trail when I tell folks I am running for the Court of Criminal Appeals is, “Congratulations! … What’s the Court of Criminal Appeals?” The short answer is that it’s the Supreme Court for all criminal cases in Texas. Below, we’ll discuss a little about how cases wind up there, the history of the court, and a unique type of case the court automatically hears.

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

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Campaign Kickoff – Humbled and Grateful

TWO words best sum up my thoughts on Wednesday’s Campaign kickoff party: Humbled and Grateful.

The Campaign Kickoff crowd at St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin

I am humbled because my supporters come from places you might not expect: lawyers I battled against in trial; lawyers I’ve ruled against as a Judge; retired lawyers; lawyers who don’t have cases pending in my court;  lawyers who fought hard against each other in trial in my court; Judges who heard cases I tried; Judges from courts that don’t have anything to do with criminal law; Retired Judges; community activists; probation officers; public defenders; appellate practitioners; current and former prosecutors.

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